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 On completion of us completing the instalation of your new Flat roof you will be issued with a full printed Fibreroof comprehensive 20 year guarentee - This guarantee is a transferable guarantee to new owners should you ever decide to sell your home within the 20 years (this is a plus when it comes to prospective buyers when they understand you have the guarantee with the Flat roof) as well too if the property is ever proffesionally surveyed.


 In addition to the installation being covered by the guarantee you will also have the guarantee of the materials themselves which means you effectively have Two guarentees and in the unlickely event the guarantee would ever need to be used you have the piece of mind that all aspects of your flat roof are completely covered.



 Using our system it is very easy for us to guarantee your flat roof comprehensively without any confliction :-


 with our system a large percentage of the works carried out is the stripping of the old flat roof and the instalation of the new decking  fitting the trims, bonding and preparing the decking prior to the GRP system application.


 Therefore in the unlikely event you will ever need to use the guarantee all we would need to do is to sand back the old grp system and reapply a new layer of the cure it system which is simple for us to do as we only specialise in GRP roofing.


 This means we really can offer you a fully covered flat roof for 20 Years and really give you the peace of mind knowing you will never have to worry about or fix your flat roof again.