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FAQ's           Questions frequently asked by customers

Q - Which is better for my flat roof, Fibreglass or EPDM rubber, ive heard about both systems?


A - In fairness Both are good solutions and far better than felt and both will easily withstand temprature changes and uv light and both have a long lifespan and are waterproof.

  However fibreglass is the better option, this is due to the fact that GRP is a completely seamless system (rubber will still have some joins) and a GRP/Fibreglass roofing system is permanantly bonded to the decking and does not rely on adhesive like rubber that can break down, also fibreglass can be walked and worked on and will never puncture where as with rubber care would need to be taken as it can puncture.

  We have fibreglassed many koi ponds as apposed to using a rubber liner for the same reasons so GRP would easily be the better option without doubt for a flat roof.

Q - Is GRP and Fibreglass the same thing?


A - Yes - GRP is 'Glass Reinfoced Plastic' which is the correct term for Fibreglass

Q - Will GRP/Fibreglass really last that long?


A -Yes - by its very nature Fibreglass is a thermosetting plastic once it has cured it is in a permanant state, There is no reason why a correctly laid GRP roof wouldn't last upto and over 50 years provided the correct resins are used and applied in the correct way exactly like ours. Our system has been well proven and tested and we use a 600 gram heavy grade reinforcement as standard for added durability, plus the use of OSB-3 sterling board is also why we can easily offer the 20 year Guarantee.

Q - Can i board the roof myself and get you to Fibreglass it?


A - Yes you can have the roof boarded or board it yourself and then we will come and apply the trims and GRP system, although depending how the boards are fixed and the quality of the boards may alter the guarantee as we only use the highest quality osb-3 board as the roof has to have the potential to last 50 Years

Q - Do you have a GRP roof yourself?


A - Yes - I have our GRP roofing on an out building and a small orangery and all of my close family and friends that have flat roofs are Fibreglassed by us - personally i wouldn't use any other system - id also be happy to show any customer our roofs at anytime.

Q - Are GRP roofs always a grey colour?


A - No - I have been using Fibreglass and composite systems for over 17 years and have used nearly every colour and as such we can provide you almost any colour of your choice, however Grey is a great colour as it is good for reflecting and convecting heat and looks in keeping with most buildings.